Edan's Capsule

                   ,,                      gp                   
`7MM"""YMM       `7MM                      \/                   
  MM    `7         MM                      `'                   
  MM   d      ,M""bMM   ,6"Yb.  `7MMpMMMb.   ,pP"Ybd            
  MMmmMM    ,AP    MM  8)   MM    MM    MM   8I   `"            
  MM   Y  , 8MI    MM   ,pm9MM    MM    MM   `YMMMa.            
  MM     ,M `Mb    MM  8M   MM    MM    MM   L.   I8            
.JMMmmmmMMM  `Wbmd"MML.`Moo9^Yo..JMML  JMML. M9mmmP'            
  .g8"""bgd                                       `7MM          
.dP'     `M                                         MM          
dM'       ` ,6"Yb. `7MMpdMAo. ,pP"Ybd `7MM  `7MM    MM  .gP"Ya  
MM         8)   MM   MM   `Wb 8I   `"   MM    MM    MM ,M'   Yb 
MM.         ,pm9MM   MM    M8 `YMMMa.   MM    MM    MM 8M"""""" 
`Mb.     ,'8M   MM   MM   ,AP L.   I8   MM    MM    MM YM.    , 
  `"bmmmd' `Moo9^Yo. MMbmmd'  M9mmmP'   `Mbod"YML..JMML.`Mbmmd' 

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I am a young writer, artist and climate change activist from Northumberland, UK; where I live with my family. I completed my GCSEs in 2022, achieving Grade 9 in Computing and Maths, and am now studing Maths, Chemistry, and Biology in Sixth Form. I have dabbled in web development since the early-2010s, starting out with basic text webpages before eventually gaining enough knowledge to make this!

I have had a keen interest in computers from an early age, and have exclusively used Linux on my PCs since 2019.

I has shown irreverence towards religion since I lost my faith in humanity during 2020. After simply being an atheist for around two years, I eventually became an existential nihilist. However, after some pondering, I now feel that absurdism makes more sense to me.

In 2021, after a brief period of questioning, I began coming out as non-binary, abrosexual, and ambiamorous.

Facts About Me

Here are a few facts about me:

My Computers

║  Hostname   ║    Distribution     ║  Desktop   ║       Model       ║
║ Garnet      ║ openSUSE Tumbleweed ║ KDE Plasma ║ HP 17-ca0003na    ║
║ Amethyst    ║ siduction           ║ Xfce       ║ ThinkPad T400     ║
║ Pearl       ║ crunchbang++        ║ Openbox    ║ MacBook A1181     ║
║ LapisLazuli ║ Fedora 38           ║ MATE       ║ Acer Aspire 5752z ║

Note: LapisLazuli, which was previously dead, has mysteriously come back to life. I guess it just needed a rest.

Clients I Use

Lagrange (Used on Garnet, Amethyst, LapisLazuli and Carnelian-II)

Kristall (Used on school and library PCs)

AV-98 (Used on Pearl)