Edan's Capsule - Levellers Gig

         .'cxKNWNX0d;. ...':oOXWMMWKkc'.          
       .;xXWMMMMMMMMNo.   .ol.'lONMMMWXx,.        
     .;kNMMMMMMMMMMMMNd.'ckWNd. .;kNMMMMNx'       
   .kWMMMMWKdc:lOWMMXlcKMMMMNo.     'kWMMMMNl.    
  .xWMMMMNx'    .xW0:lXMMMMXc.       .xWMMMMNl.   
 .lNMMMMKc.      .::oNMMMMKl'.        'OMMMMMK;   
 'OMMMMK;         .xWMMWOooOK:.        cNMMMMMd.  
 :NMMMXc         ,OWMMWkdkKMMXl. .....,kWMMMMMO'  
 lWMMWd.        ,kNNNXo.;d0MMMNo.cOOO0XMMMMMMM0,  
 lWMMK; .:dxddddO00KK0xooodKWMMNd,dNMMMMMMMMMMk.  
  .cXNc   ,OWMMMMMWO,         .oNMMMK;.  .:Ok'    
   .:Kk. ,0MMMMMMMO'           .:xkkko''cONO'     
     ,xo.oWMMMMMMMk.              ..;lkXWNd.      

Well, tonight I went to a Levellers gig in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and I have to say, it was pretty fucking awesome.

Here's the setlist, in no particular order:

Something, as you can see, was played from almost every album save for 'Hello Pig' (yay) and 'Mouth To Mouth' (aww). Many of these tracks were redone, with different timings or keys or even entirely different tunes!

I also picked up some cool merch: a green and red tee with the Levs' "rolling anarchy" symbol (see ASCII art at top of page) on the front, surrounded by a quote from the French anarchist and philosopher, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon:

"Whoever puts their hand upon me to govern me is a usurper, a tyrant, and I declare them my enemy."