Edan's Capsule - My CLI System

       M|@||@) M|
      JS^\__/  qKL
     dZP        qKRb
    dZP          qKKb
   fZP            SMMb
   HZM            MMMM
   FqM            MMMM
 __| ".        |\dS"qML
 |    `.       | `' \Zq
_)      \.___.,|     .'
\____   )MMMMMP|   .'
     `-'       `--' hjm

So I've just now got a CLI-only system working on my ancient (mid-2000s) MacBook. It's currently dual-booting GNU Guix alongside Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Thus far, everything's been going okay; I even managed to get the framebuffer working (for w3m, fbi, and MPlayer).

Since Amfora wasn't in the repos, and neither Bombadillo nor Telescope were intuitive for my sleep-deprived, caffeine-riddled student brain to handle, I stumbled upon AV-98. It has everything: lightning-fast loading, support for Gopher, simple controls, custom handlers, and even user certificates so that I am able to browse Station! It's really great!

♊️ AV-98

👽 Station

I found Guix to be a tad strange, being as it may that it follows an unorthodox filesystem arrangement: instead of the typical structure of applications under /bin and /usr/bin, shared files under /usr/share, config under /etc and the like, everything is stored under /gnu; similar to the /nix directory in NixOS. I personally am not a fan of this, as it makes it difficult to find config files and can cripple the install scripts for many popular applications. All the same, it hasn't caused me too much bother. Yet.

🐃 GNU Guix

Software I Installed

Software I'm Trying To Install

Hope you at least found this interesting!

UPDATE: I figured out the framebuffer.

UPDATE 2: I took a photo.

UPDATE 3: I have installed Lynx, Fbida, Todoman, Clyrics, Toot, and Catdoc; and I have substituted NewsBoat for Sfeed.

Pearl Screenshot #1

Written 22nd May 2023 23:21

Edited 25th May 2023 21:40