Edan's Capsule - Web Environment Integrity

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I don't believe that Google's whole Web Environment Integrity thing will really go anywhere, but I've just read up on how it works.

How WEI works. Also, Apple has already been using it and nobody noticed.

So, on the off-chance it does happen, I feel that some of the hackers and hobbyists on the fediverse, gopherspace, and geminispace could start looking into spoofing the PrivateToken challenge that the system is based around. You see, unless I'm talking shit, the second-worst case scenario would result in the entire internet splintering, and so a multi-web browser would be quite handy.

That's not to say that splintering would necessarily be Google's fault. The idea of the so-called "splinternet" has been tossed around for years; but that's a subject for Wired to cover.

The World May Be Headed for a Fragmented 'Splinternet' - Wired

Of course, the true worst case scenario would involve Google essentially owning the entire web. If that happened, I predict that the web itself would be so littered with ads, tracking, clickbait, and other things which make the modern internet terrible, that building a browser to access it would not be worth the time or effort. Gemini would be the future.

I am no expert on anything I've talked about, though, so remember to double-check what you've learned here today, ask questions, and form your own goddamn opinions.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.